Frequently Asked Questions

Who is P24Dashboard for?

P24 Dashboard is meant for any content marketer who builds niche/authority websites for the purpose of attracting traffic and generating income.

Keyword/search topic research and selection, content production and publication, traffic performance, and monetization are some of the processes P24D supports.

Is P24Dashboard a free tool?

P24 dashboard has both free and paid features. The free ones are significant and include, for each website, all of the Search Analysis part as well as the main Traffic Analysis view.

Premium features offer more detailed and advanced traffic/rankings data views with deeper insights. However, the free features offer solid value of their own, and many users don’t feel the need for premium.

Why the name “p24”?

P24 Dashboard was started based on Income School’s Project24(TM) process for building a successful website, a highly effective and proven approach that has led dozens of members to achieve part-time or full-time income in a short time through their content sites.

P24 Dashboard is not affiliated with Income School but was co-founded by a member of the Project24(TM) community to help members track their progress across the 60 steps of the process. Since then, P24 Dashboard has evolved to include tools beyond the scope of Project24 but has remained faithful to the key principles of the approach.

Learn more about Income School’s Project24(TM) here.

What if I don’t use (or know) the Project24 method?

P24Dashboard is a powerful tool designed for content marketers in general. Though it has its roots in Project24(TM), it’s a valuable application for any kind of content site building approach.

P24Dashboard allows you to track your keywords, content, and performance data, no matter HOW you do your keyword research, write your content posts, and build your traffic.

That said, if you’re new to building income sites, do yourself a favor! Go take a look at Income School’s Project24.

P24Dashboard overview

Tool overview

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How safe is my niche and traffic data?

Your niches, website URLs, search topics, post URLs are sensitive private stuff! Only you have access to your P24Dashboard account and data. We’ve paid close attention to data privacy while building the application. Only you, the account owner, can log in (using your email/password or Google credentials) and view your websites/topics/posts/traffic data.

One key aspect to keep in mind is that P24Dashboard does not store ANY of your traffic data, not a single number. The data is pulled from GA and GSC and built directly into the views each time you open them. None of that data gets saved into the database, so once you close the view, everything is lost, and has to be pulled again the next time you click on the view.

Things that do need to be stored in the database, however, are website and post URLs. This is necessary in order to maintain your post and topic lists in each website. That data is safe, however, because we’ve encrypted all the fields that contains any sensitive niche/topics/post information. As an example, here’s what the Search Topics (aka keywords) table in the database looks like:

Likewise, all the fields in the Website, Post, and other database tables containing niche or URL information are encrypted (using a bullet-proof, industry-standard encryption algorithm) so that not even the developers can see them.

As a user, you can also choose to delete any or all your website data from P24Dashboard at any time (you can export your data to CSV before doing so if you wish). You can also fully delete your account.